Legends Only….the name speaks for its self. There is way too much bad advice out there in the internet gaming world, you need a source you can not only trust, but a source that will show you proof and here at Legends Only we strive to do just that. Too many games end up over saturated with everyone doing pretty much the same thing online. Today’s online sports gaming word is filled with copy cats and trend followers, were here to cater to the indeviduals that want to distance there selfs from the rest, the players that want to be above average, above good, but LEGENDERY! Here, we want to remind you to be different.

Started in early 2017 a group of online sports gamers decided to make a change and give information back into the gaming community. It’s was too often that we would incounter players online who played very poorly due to poor advice or lack of. Too many gamers look for short cuts and glitchs which leave youtubers to only post about just that. We are here to show gamers why you don’t need a 99 rated NBA 2k player or the games fastest hyper car to win games. Our motto here is “The truth never perishes”,  and we stand by it! We want to help players to be better at playing the game and not the game playing for them. We stand by our words, vowing to give honest opinions and advice that is actually beneficial to our viewers. 

We focus mainly on sports simulation and racing games but also stay up to date on other games. Here you can find tips and tricks as well as in depth test results on your favorite sports games. We stay up to date with the newest video games and release content daily on the newest trends while giving you the current meta to your game.

Be sure to check out our Fashion Section were we post about some of today’s top sports trend as we also have an online sporting goods store where we have amazing deals.