3 Reasons Why KontrolFreeks Will Increase Your Batting Average In MLB The Show

3 Reasons Why KontrolFreeks Will Increase Your Batting Average In MLB the Show

KontrolFreek is a leading developer of progressive gaming accessories. Their flagship product are analog controller extensions that enable gamers to gain an competitive edge. These extensions are developed based on scientific research and ensure that gamers experience reduced fatigue and an better overall feeling of comfort during gaming. This article will provide you with three reasons why this product will up your hitting game in MLB The Show.

While KontrolFreeks offer many thumb-stick products designed for a variety of games, they do not offer an specific model for MLB the Show. The article will be written using their high thumb-stick “Classic” model found here. This article is also assuming that we are using zone hitting.

Reason #1

How many times have you received a fastball right down the middle, only to move your analog stick too much during the excitement of your swing? This is a problem many people have, and your excitement is not the only problem to blame. The default analog sticks have built in dead-zone resistance which requires a certain amount of force to actually result in your cursor moving on your screen. This dead-zone makes micro adjustments extremely hard when your dealing with a split second decision i.e a 97mph fastball. KontrolFreeks performance thumb-sticks tackle this issue, the added height reduces dead-zone resistance making your adjustment feel seamless.


Reason #2

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A lot of hitters use ball tracking methods to pick up a pitcher’s breaking ball. At times it may feel as if your seeing the ball extremely well but when you check your PCI placement you are way under or over the pitch. Ball tracking is an advanced hitting technique and to become great at it your going to need to speed up your hands. For those hitters with slower hands, KontrolFreeks will increase your range of motion by 135%. The added thumb-stick accessory allows you to cover more ground with equal or less effort which is effectively speeding up your hands.


Reason #3

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So much of sports whether it is in the digital world or the physical word, comes down to having confidence. KontrolFreeks will give you an competitive edge in almost game you play. There is just something about steeping up to the plate during your Road To the Show career, knowing that you can foul off both the high and tight fastball, as well as the low and away breaking pitch. Knowing that you have a little something extra will have you grinning at the plate. This added confidence will take you a long way.

So there you have it, three reasons why Kontrol Freeks are must haves for advid gamers,
you can pick yours up here.

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