What NBA LIVE 18 Has Over NBA 2k18

Let’s face it, NBA Live hasn’t been the dominant simulation basketball game pretty much since Allen Iverson first blessed the cover of 2K. Since it’s glory days there have been many attempts to rejuvenate the franchise. There has been multiple delays and a couple of failed launches but this year NBA LIVE is promising something that may be a game changer. NBA Live 18 will feature WNBA integration for the first time in sim basketball history.

This simple migration of a female league will give women (or men) the option to play as a female for the first time in a major sports basketball title. Imagine a story/my player mode that allows them to go to a team of their choice and build their own legacy in the WNBA. The NBA 2k series has basically given everything a MAN could want in a basketball game, but what about women?

If the NBA Live series does this correctly I can imagine the in-game currency system being overhauled and inflated with real dollars as many new female gamers flock in wanting to design their characters with a limitless assortment of clothing. And finally we would get a chance to a truly integrated online system, men and females playing in Pro-Am games, working together and having an all around unique experience that only NBA LIVE can offer.

Basketball for everyone most likely wont be the only stand out point that NBA Live 18 has to offer but it may be it’s brightest selling point. Marketing to females may bring the sales needed to make simulation basketball a competitive market once again. As gamers we must remember that competition is good thing, its what drives developers to continue to make vast improvements to their games. For the sake of the simulation basketball gaming, we hope EA delivers with NBA LIVE 18 which is set to release in late 2017.

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