The Future of NBA2K’s shooting mechanics.



Today I have a question for my real ballers out there! Have you ever taken a jumper that you just felt in your bones that was going in? I’m talking you got yet feet set, fingers in the grooves of the ball, relaxed shoulders, and had the perfect flick of the wrist on the release? You almost had a smile on your face but just as you start to rejoice, you realized….. you missed….

It happens to everyone.

If you never felt this in real life your in luck, NBA 2k is in the works of replicating this feeling of unbelievement in their games. #NoMoreAutomaticGreens

In a post put out by MIke Wang in April, he talks about how most of NBA 2k’s issues of balancing stem from players being able to get green releases and their shot’s. In the past this lead to archetypes who shouldn’t be able to shoot three’s knocking down treys from everywhere behind the arc. If you played pro-am or the my park mode you became accustomed to lock-down defenders, athletic finishers and slashers being able to essentially be all around players by having the benefits of their archetypes and being able to consistently punish you from behind the arc. The archetype system was meant to eliminate this super player whom can do all things on the court but now NBA 2k is fastly approaching a fork in the road on their plans when it comes to shooting.

There are three sides of this coin, which means it’s impossible to please everybody. We have Sim players, whom want ratings to dictate shot percentage with little meaning of player input. Then we have the elite, and e-sports players who would like player skill to outweigh stats. And in the rear we have casual players who just want their player or team to be the GOAT.

With Nba 2k18 featuring its e-sport like league I think it’s safe to say that it’s casual player fan base will be on the back burner for the foreseeable future. So that leaves us with true simulation type of shooting vs player input.

With the recent updates in May NBA 2k has been more and more in favor of the simulation type of shooting and I believe it’s the correct move. Now there has been a lot of backlash on social media about this but I believe that eventually this move will make the gameplay better and promote a more realistic style of play in pro-am and park. I can see teams actually having to run plays in the pro-am to get their shooters open, down screens, back door cuts, offenses with a lot of motion rather than just the simple picks around the perimeter . On the other hand I can see defense actually being better. Imagine knowing with confidence you can live with the opposing teams slasher shooting threes, or their lockdown defender sitting in the corner. Players being limited to their true stats will add to the game in terms of applying actual basketball know-how. Games will be decided based on a teams execution and that’s the direction I believe NBA 2k and basketball in general is going.

So next time you miss a green release shot in NBA 2k17, remember it happens in real life.


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