NBA2k18 – He said they was removing MyPark!

NBA 2K18 – All the Hype, Dropping MyPark, eLeague and more!

The release date of NBA 2k18 has been announced recently. NBA 2K is a video-game simulation series of the National Basketball Association which is the most rated sports title in the gaming world. After the successful business of its predecessor, NBA 2K18 is scheduled to launch on September 19, this year.
2K Games, the game publisher company has confirmed that this game will be launched almost all major gaming platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 & Nintendo Switch.
Recently a cover unveil video was uploaded by NBA 2K on their official YouTube channel. The legend edition of this game will be launched with former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal on its cover. This legendary player also starred in the NBA 2K18’s cover unveil video.

The ‘Rumor’

However, after the announcement of this sports title’s release dates, NBA 2K fans have been going nuts over a controversial tweet of Ronnie 2K 2K17 who goes by the handle name of @Ronnie2K. Ronnie2K works for 2K Games, basically marketing and promoting the game. This tweet has created a lot of hype among the NBA enthusiasts. He tweeted that –
“For those of you asking no, there won’t be MyPark in NBA 2K18 mainly because we wanted to focus on 2K Pro-Am and the e-League” – @Ronnie2K

Interestingly, when we tried to trace back, the tweet couldn’t be found no more in Ronnie 2K’s account. Most probably because it has been deleted.

MyPark is a mode in NBA 2K games that enables you to join an online community called MyPark Community. And being a community member you can play against other community members (2p v 2p, 3p v 3p, 4p v 4p). Additionally, you can also compete with other communities. This feature has been really popular among hardcore NBA fans. Hence, eliminating this feature can be a really bad move by 2K Games.
According to popular YouTubers like Hood Gaming TV, this could be an error and the MyPark mode will reside in NBA 2K18. Nevertheless, according to some other experts, this might be true and Ronnie tweeted about it mistakenly, which when caught authority’s attention, he had to delete. This could also be a publicity stunt by the marketing team to capture the attention of media & gamers for enhancing up the sales.

Another thing that caught people’s attention was that Nintendo Switch (a gaming platform) did not include MyPark mode while stating the Features of NBA 2K18 on their official website.

The eLeauge

The rumor, however, can actually be true. Because NBA 2K eLeague is not far. The season is supposed to start in 2018 after the NBA 2K18 Game launch. In this eLeague real NBA teams will be sponsoring gamers to compete against each other. According to sources, 17 NBA teams will be taking part in this first ever digital basketball league.

So, this may prove to be a good move by 2K games to drop the MyPark mode and focus on this virtual league instead. Plus, gamers will be earning real cash. So, it’s a win-win for both ends. According to competition Commissioner Adam Silver, “The large part of my mission is to grow the game of basketball”.

This brings down to the point that all major sports associations should be considering this kind of approach. This idea by NBA and 2K games is really appreciable. Because, this will engage the community to take part more and more into the sport itself, making them aware of it.

What most of the sports associations do is, they give the franchise to a game company and tell them to create a normal game. FIFA is a great example for that. Also, NBA has been doing the same throughout the earlier years.

Involving actual players and teams into a gaming league is really fantastic. There are many die-hard fans of NBA players, who are not into gaming and stuff. So, they may actually buy the game in hope of possible interactions with their idols. Plus, playing for their own team is a fantasy for all sports fans (be that NBA, Football or Hockey). This is an excellent thing for the game and the sport too.

Similar to NBA, if team involvement is introduced to other sports titles, it will surely be prosperous for the sport. Let’s be practical about this. If you are a fan of Brazil Football Team but do not play games that much. And suddenly you hear that there’s a new football game out there where you’ll be sponsored by Neymar JR, won’t you buy the game asap?

Money is another factor for this act. Gamers will be paid real bucks for playing and winning for a particular team. So, it’s a win-win for the gamers in all ways.

Wrapping up

Though the rumors are bursting out everywhere, it cannot still be said whether it’s true or not, until 2K Games or someone from their team officially announces in public. However, if they drop out the MyPark mode, this will be a big disappointment for the NBA 2K fans.



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