NBA 2k17 My Park Tips

For a game that’s months old it amazes me how many people I encounter on a daily basis that don’t know the basics to winning in the park. I hope 2k adds one on one to next years game so all you “dribble gods” can dribble your self to death, but that’s a whole other chapter. I’ve put together a few tips for the new comers who find them self having trouble in the park or maybe even the pro-am. A lot of this is basic and not intended for the “Dribble Gods”,”Clamp Gods” or any one with sauce in their gamer tag.

Get A Mic!

The most important and obvious tip I can give anyone when it comes to not only NBA 2k but any multiplayer game where you play as a team is to get a headset and use it! So many mistakes can be avoided when you communicate with your teammates. Online gaming is not the time or place to be shy, get your headset out and let your voice be heard as well as listen to what your teammates have to say. There are plenty of people out there that are willing to help you and show you how to play the game but nothing can be done if they can’t communicate with you.

Get your badges

In NBA 2k 17 Badges make a huge difference in gameplay especially if you’re a beginner. This year badges are incredible easy to get and there are so many tutorials on YouTube on getting them. Spend some time in your career and grind for your badges, the more the merrier but make sure you have at least your badges that can be upgraded. Nothing hurts more than playing with a playmaker as a teammate and he doesn’t even have dimmer badge unlocked.

Pass the ball

This ones self-explanatory. If you don’t know what you’re doing with the ball give it to someone else, I see this countless times where someone who has no business dribbling the ball running around until the shot clock runs out, pass it and if you’re wearing your headset like I stated in the first tip maybe your teammate will tell you what they want you to do.

Spread the floor

Give your teammate space to work especially if it’s the ball handler. Nothing sucks more than having another teammate bring their defender to you because now you have two defenders swiping at the ball and that’s apostrophe always a turnover.

Learn Your Release and hot spots

Before you go into the park or pro-am put your game difficulty on hall of fame and take some practice shots. This is an absolute must for me because 2k is always updating and tuning the shots in game. My theory is if you master your shot release on hall of fame you should be good money in the park. Also take some time and learn your hotspots on the court those are going to be your go to spots when shooting because you have a higher chance of making them.

Learn to play defense

This is crucial and may take some time to master but you have to, I repeat have to learn how to play defense. Go into black top and play one on one with the computer, play a friend or YouTube it but whatever you do you have to learn how to play defense. All the other tips I listed are important but this is by far the most important one. Anyone can score if there defender is not guarding them.

That is it for my basic list of tips for NBA 2k Mypark. I hope to see you guys out there following these basics!


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