Does NBA 2k have no choice but to pay Lavar Ball?

Will They Pay?

2k Sports –  A company that prides itself on bringing whatever is in the game, into their digital games, will have to make a decision in their next title NBA 2k18. To pay Lavar Ball or not?

There is no doubt that Lonzo will be wearing his ZO2 Big Baller Brand sneakers this upcoming season, the question is will the public be seeing the digital edition of these sneakers in NBA 2k18. We should take a moment to appreciate the genius behind Big Baller Brand. Lavar Ball has a unique ability to stay relevant and prosper even when it seems as if the cards are stacked against him. The Ball family is pushing the culture and even though they are receiving resistance from most or all the major brands, opportunities like this will arise that i suspect will continue to further the brand. Can you image being in High School, and in two years your Family’s name brand is being advertised on TV, at sporting Events and on video games? There is a lesson to learn here, even if the Ball Family Plan doesn’t pan out.
So how likely is it that NBA 2k18 will feature Big Baller Brand Shoes? We can assume with NBA 2k having D.Wades Way of Wade Sneakers and various other minor brand sneakers that they will be aspiring to feature the Big Baller Brand Shoe. But more importantly I think Big Baller Brand is becoming too big of a name for them not to include the shoe and possibly some clothing into the game. With growing social media accounts and business sales the Ball family are simply modern day sensations. The truth is, people may want to spend digital currency (VC) on items that are too expensive to afford in real life. In this scenario Big Baller Brand is helping 2k Sports just as much as 2k Sports is helping Big Baller Brand.


I expect in two or three years we will look back at Lavar ball and thank him for showing us a new way in the sneaker world. It is my hope that NBA 2k stay’s true to their roots, and gives us everything that’s in the game.



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