Four Tips to Lower Your ERA in MLB The Show 17

Four Tips to Lower Your ERA in MLB The Show 17

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We’re checking in with four tips to lower your ERA and improve your pitching in today’s newest video on MLB The Show 17. Some of the tips are (like the hitting tips vid) pretty obvious but let’s not overlook what seems obvious to us but may not be for others.


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Three Reasons Why The Pro’s Center Swing In MLB THE SHOW 17

Three Reasons Why The Pro’s Center Swing In MLB THE SHOW 17

This is the legendary Ted Williams career batting average by pitch location strike zone chart. There are many things that can be learnt from analyzing his play and how he approached the game. You can learn from his books here.

Sometimes we as players over complicate things. If I told you the secret to becoming an elite hitter in MLB The Show is to wait for pitches down the middle, would you believe me? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about using the PCI and fully understand the importance of PCI placement and swing timing to get maximize your chances to get hits. But in this game, pitch location is a huge factor in being able to consistently drive the ball. So here is why the pros look for pitches right down the middle.

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