Two Simple Moves to Destroy the A.I In NBA 2k17

So a few weeks ago, my cousin came over to my house and we played NBA 2k17. We played three games and I won all three games but he went on to say; “You play off ball defense so, I dont respect it.” After a brief argument I came to the conclusion that he and many other people struggle with beating the A.I on game difficulties higher than Pro.

But fear not! Here are two simple and easy to learn moves to wisp around A.I defenders.

**Note these moves are highly unlikely to work against lockdown defender types of A.I**


Move #1. The between the leg size up combo. Or really any spammable dribble move will cause A.I defenders to jump from side to side in anticipation of you driving. This leads an opening for you to attack. In the video above I used different NBA players and every single player can spam moves. Having players with the ankle breaker badge and/or high acceleration stats make this move elite. Many combos can be done both into and out of the spam, and i believe mastering one or two of the spammable dribbles is the first step to you becoming a dribble gawd.

Move #2. The behind the back momentum dribble. All i can say is learn the spacing. Never do this move while in traffic. If playing a 5 on 5 game, isolate everyone to the other side of the court and abuse this move if possible. There are a few ways to end a dribble combo with this move and doing it successfully will almost always lead you to the lane with a full head of steam. This is a very valuable move but I would shy away from doing it until it is mastered in some sort of practice mode.

Hopefully this video helps you on your journey to be a better player.




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