The most obvious secret in NBA 2k17

Have you ever found yourself playing an intense game against someone in NBA 2k17 and suddenly you realize your missing completely open shots? And not only that, you notice your opponents defenders seemingly act more urgently and their whole team appears to have a boost on offense and defense? Well, congratulations … your are on the wrong end of 2k’s effort to simulate scoring runs in a game. These effects are by-product of NBA 2k’s hidden secret feature….. The momentum bar.

For those who do not know, the momentum bar was a visible feature in 2K’s College Hoops series. The way the feature works is very simple. Good plays increase your momentum vs the opposing team. Bad plays have an adverse effect.  However when the momentum tilts too far in either direction, a players attributes may change according to which end of the meter your team is on. In NBA 2k we are familiar with players getting hot as well as becoming cold. The same effect happens with your entire team due to this invisible game of tug-o-war we play with momentum.

With the various archetypes NBA 2k introduced this year this game of momentum has changed drastically. A assist from a slashing pg dosnt effect momentum as much as an assist from a playmaker pg. Playing within your archetype not only gets you hot and activates your grand-badge. It actually helps your team function at a higher level offensively and defensively due to this hidden meter. This is why it is not uncommon to see a whole team “hot” in NBA 2k.
In my opinion archetypes are a good addition to the 2k series. It promotes and rewards a style of basketball that makes it fun for everyone on the court.

Hope this Article helps you guys out.

– Blaxwater

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