Low on training points? Skip these two attributes in RTTS mode.

One of the beautiful things about MLB The Show 17, is that hitting for the most part takes true skill. Yes, it is true the higher your batting attributes the easier it is to get more consistent hits but for the elite players, it all comes down to squaring up the ball with the middle of your PCI. Having the ability to do this will lead to more hits, regardless of stats. That being said, there are some stats that absolutely does not have any effect on your RTTS player as long as your not simming games. These stats do contribute to your players “overall” but nevertheless I would advise everyone to overlook them building up your player.



For batter’s the clutch stat is useless. It has no bearing on your players PCI.  This stat will make your controller rumble less while at the plate in clutch situations. Hits are not pre-canned, as i stated above. Any RBI’s your player has isn’t because of this stat.






For pitchers HR/9 Is purely a simulation stat. You have been warned.

****Which makes me wonder if the grounded quirk really even works?****


I hope this saves you some training points.


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