Legend/Smegend | Is hitting too easy in this years game?

Is hitting too easy in this years Mlb the Show?

So I’ve been hitting on dynamic difficulty and it’s setting has been on Legend/Legend+ pretty much the whole time. I have to say that even on the higher difficulties this game has some issues that its need to address.

  1. Too many home runs!!!! Even while batting on legend i hit 31 HR in 67 games in double A. ( This a new character by the way; not a continuation from last years game.)
  2.  Wind has too much of an affect on pop-ups. A windy game means a high scoring game in this years show.
  3. Quirks seem to be just a representation of stats and most of them don’t change the game in anyway. I stopped looking at the opposing pitchers quirks a while ago because it doesn’t change the way you should approach your AB.
  4. Guess pitch penalty needs to be buffed. You shouldn’t be able to hit a screaming line drive if you guessed the wrong pitch type IMO.
  5. And finally….TOO MANY home runs!!!!

I think they made hitting too easy this year. Please patch….

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