5 Reasons the post up move is elite in NBA 2k17 competitive play.


Part of being a good player in NBA 2K online, is taking good high percentage shots. In fact, you even get an accolade for taking one. However online I’ve witnessed many people making a critical mistake regarding dunks and layups. A contested layup is generally a bad shot in this years edition of NBA 2k. Here is a tip that hopefully some of you can incorporate into your play-styles. When attacking the rim within a defenders reach, hold L2/LT. Watch the video below for an example of this simple, yet powerful move.

So here are 5 Reasons why this move is effective.

  • 1. Playing against the computer actually trains our minds to anticipate jumping to get a block. The post-up animation triggers that response and acts as a head-fake, leaving your defender in a poor defensive position.
  • 2. The post up animation is preferred over head-faking because head fakes can be blocked and stripped in 2k17.
  • 3. You now have the benefits of head-faking but unlike a true head-fake, your dribble is still alive and you are free to move.
  • 4. People tend to crash defensively when someone attacks the lane, this move allows for you to hit the open man safely when being closed on. Jump passing is a big NO-NO in this years game.
  • 5.  When shooting or laying up out of the post position (holding L2/LT), you have the ability to spin and shoot over the side that is clear. This allows you to safely lay the ball up after the defender jumps.





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